Information for dealers and sailmakers

Are you professional?
Besides that Resen Sails is one of the largest suppliers of sails to private persons in Denmark (and Europe), we deliver sails to professionals, such as sailmakers and dealers. As a dealer of our sails, you are sure to get high quality sails, precise delivery time - also in the high seasons - and of course great prices.

Branded or White Label?
As a dealer at Resen Sails you can choose to get sails delivered with Resen Sails logo, without logo where you sew your logo on your self or we can sew your logo on the sail in production. It's up to you. We will send the sails to your address or directly to your customer in neutral boxes.

Easy administration
As a dealer you will get access to our order system where you can calculate prices, order sails, view our database with over 4000 boats, type in measures and choose special details. Furthermore you can follow the production of your sails and view expected delivery times. In short, you can administrate all your orders in one place.

How to get started
If you wish to be a dealer you can fill out the form here: Dealer Area

Welcome to Resen Sails Professional.