Low price quality sails from professional sailmaker

Sails made by sailors
It is very important to us, that the sails we deliver are a little better than the ordinary. It's not only the finish, the fittings, the seams and the sailcloth which must be well done. The shape of the sail is also very important and it isn't everything that can be calculated with formulas and software. Therefore we only hire sailmakers who are sailors themselves - racers. Racers have practical experience of what works in practice - not just in theory. When you order a sail from us, we make sure that you get a sail that accelerates and pulls optimally.

Even though our sails are cheaper than the standard prices, we don´t go back on quality. We only use sailcloth from the major recognized sailcloth manufacturers. We use sailcloth from Contender (The Netherlands), Dimension-Polyant (Germany) og Challange (USA).
The quality of the sailcloth can't get any better than this.

Thickness of sailcloth
Not only do we make sails from the best sailcloth, we also use a thickness/weight that suits your boat - and more. Some sailmakers use a sailcloth which is very thin. It means that the sail is easily pulled out of shape. Here at Resen Sails you are sure to get a sailcloth that suits your boat.

The thickness of the sail is decided from the size of the boat, and not the size of the sail. Contrary to what many think that it´s the size of the sail that determines how strong the sail should be, it´s the size of the boat. When a boat heels, some of the wind runs out of the sail, and therefore reduces the pressure on the sail. A bigger boat needs more pressure before it heels as compared to a smaller boat.

Some sailmakers skimp on the quality of the fittings. Instead of stainless steel and aluminum, they use nylon or material of low quality. We don´t do that at Resen Sails. We only use brand products of the best quality. We use fittings, sleds, battens and fittings from Rutgerson (Sweden) and Harken (USA).

Sail finish
What´s it worth if you have the best design, the best sailcloth and the best fittings, if the sail looks like something made by 4th graders at school? At Resen Sails we have an extremely high standard. All our seams are bonded together, and then sewn with double or triple stitching. It not only ensures that the seams will last for many years, it also makes the sail look great! If you think about it, you look a lot at your sails during 3 weeks of a sailing summer holiday, or during a 2 hour race. Therefore, appearance is also very important.

Some sailmakers skimp on reinforcements - enough to keep the reinforcements, but with too little gain and therefore the sail curls when there is pressure on the sail. That is why you often see many, especially genoas, curling in the sail around the clew. With us you are sure that this doesn´t happen in the same manner. We use the reinforcements that the sails need in order to keep the shape.

Our sails are quality out of the ordinary
As you can see Resen Sails is all about quality. We neither skimp or compromise on standards. When you calculate the price of your sails online on our webpage - our prices are totally visible, you can see exactly what the prices are and every detail on the sail - and you also have the opportunity to choose from many types of sailcloth.