Your ticket to fast service at Resen Sails

Den 20. november 2023
Af Resen Sails

At Resen Sails, we understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with ordering a new sail. To keep our production efficient and our delivery times short, we prioritize orders where customers have provided complete and correct measurements from the start.

Complete Measurements: The Path to Quick Manufacturing
Delivering a complete set of measurements is more than just a part of the process; it's your ticket to faster service. When all necessary measurements are provided from the beginning, our team can immediately start with the design and manufacturing without delays. This ensures that your order moves quickly and smoothly through our production system.

Why Complete Measurements Make a Difference

In busy periods, especially from February to late summer, we receive a high number of orders. To maintain our efficiency and high level of service, we prioritize those orders where we have received all the necessary measurements. This is not only to keep the production going but also to ensure that every customer receives their sails on time.

Measurement Taking: A Crucial Part of the Process
We encourage our customers to take the time to understand and take the necessary measurements. If you're unsure how to take a specific measurement, we are here to help. Correct measurements on the first try mean less time wasted on clarifications and corrections, leading to faster production of your sail.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service
Although we prioritize orders with complete measurements, our commitment to quality and service remains constant for all our customers. We understand that sometimes additional guidance in taking measurements may be needed, and we are dedicated to providing the assistance necessary to ensure that every sail meets our high standards.

Let Us Help You
We look forward to assisting you throughout the entire process, from taking measurements to the moment you set sail. At Resen Sails, we pride ourselves on delivering custom sails that meet your expectations and requirements.

We look forward to being a part of your sailing experience and helping you get onto the water quickly and safely.