Wife arguments - how to persuade the Minister of Finance

Den 27. march 2015
Af Resen Sails
Is there anything better?
No, there´s nothing better than new sails. Unfortunately, the female population doesn't seem to such enthusiasm.
One of the things we have heard often here at Resen Sails, is: "It sounds like an awesome deal... However, I first have to talk to my wife".
We have made it easy for you and made a good list of arguments and methods to use to get your sail grant which as a man, you are entitled to.

Male list
Suddenly you are standing in front of the trashcan with the garbage bag in your hand feeling like a big and strong trashcan hunter. Yes, you have been manipulated with the woman list. Women are so socially intelligent that they just know what to do or say to make men behave their way - and the men are actually happy for what they have done.
We have done some research and talked to leading women experts to give you the possibility of learning how to male list your wife/girlfriend.

The list can also be used for other things - we have personally heard that the list below also helps if you need to purchase plotters, inflatable boats, bow thrusters and much more.

The serious and important arguments
1. Less heeling
-"If we buy these new sails our boat will heel much less and the trip will be more comfortable".

2. More speed
-If we buy these new sails the boat will sail much faster and we can get faster to the next harbor and enjoy each other's company".

3. Safety
-"The old sails are so worn out that it possibly not safe to sail another nautical mile with them. If we get new sails, it will be much safer to sail together and I can concentrate on enjoying your company and staring at your pretty face"

4. Vanity
-"If we get these new sails, our boat (it is very important that you say OUR boat) will be more beautiful. It is similar to that time you dress up in your hot shoes and your amazing gown, which, by the way, looks amazing on you. Hey, haven´t you lost weight?"

5. Include her!
Ask her for advice about sails. A good beginning is to make her decide the colors of the UV protection or the lazybag. Show her this color scheme and tell her that you think it is very difficult to choose the right color. Tell her that she has to choose it now since she´s great at organizing, choosing curtains and colors in general. Actually that was why you fell in love with her.

6. The exchange trick
-"Now that we are having new sails, I think it´s about time that we go out shopping and find you some new clothes/shoes/bags. I really love shopping with you (you can leave the last part behind if you want to avoid an early shopping death)."
Do not be afraid to lay it on thick - women are programmed to love compliments. Although you know that you were not the fittest man in the world when she said you were "strong", "have big arms" and so on... but you still fell for her, the same applies the other way round - words like "beautiful" , "amazing", "lovely", "enjoying" and many more go right into her heart - always.

We are looking forward to your order and hearing your story!