How to sew your sail into a furled sail

Den 12. june 2013
Af Resen Marine
One of the things I find really exciting is to see how things work and know how they are made. I often ask sailmakers if I can take a look at their sail loft and have a chat about sails. If you are a little bit nerdy as I am, you can easily spend an hour or two on this.

Here is a video showing how a headsail is sewn to fit into a furling. You don´t have to keep showing up at your local sailmaker.

You could do it yourself - you can borrow a sailmaker sewing machine so that it isn't cumbersome.

Actually, you can buy a set which contains all the materials and do it yourself. However, since it costs about 200 Euros, I would probably spend the money elsewhere.

Remember that we deliver new sails at half the price of the standard price.

Happy sailing!