Sorry, but we can´t be copied

Den 13. february 2016
Af Resen Sails
Some people have told us that almost all the texts on Zar Sails' (Danish /Norwegian) website are copied from our website. Therefore there has been a confusion if we're one company or not. We want to make it totally clear that we have nothing to do with Zar Sails and we will not be associated with them and have no experience with Zar Sails. They have simply taken our content. We have asked Zar Sails to remove our texts from their websites.

To correct the mistakes of others
Some people have also contacted us and asked us to correct errors on zar Sails sails, in the belief that the sails were from us. We are of course not obligated to correct errors on other sail companies sails.

At Resen Sails we have the policy that when you order a sail, you also must have a sail you can use. We are practically indifferent to whether it´s your or our fault that there are errors on the sail. You must have a sail that you enjoy - period. If there is an error on your sail, we will correct it. Our experience is that it always pays to deliver the sail correctly - even if it means we have deficit of the sail.

Even though we don´t want to fix Zar Sails errors for free, we have at Resen Sails decided that those that have been pinned at Zar Sails (and other sailmakers), can have their sails corrected with us - to our cost. We hope in return that we can deliver new sails for you in the future.

To be fair
When that´s said, it must be mentioned that in the first year we also underestimated how much work it takes to make all customers happy. It´s not something you do with your right hand in your spare time and there will always be some people who for various reasons aren´t satisfied. In the beginning we had one employee part time. Today we are three full time employees in Denmark, who only deals with the service of existing and new costumers. It also means that we have the capacity to keep our promises - but we do not promise more than we can deliver. It´s a principle we have learned the hard way.

It's pretty easy to copy our texts, but it´s impossible to copy our quality and attention to good service.

Welcome at Resen Sails.