Drone video of new sails

The 25. october 2022
By Resen Sails
One of our customers recorded this beautiful drone video of his boat with new sails. The video is recorded in Norway, and the boat is a Winga 29. ..

We are very busy at the moment

The 22. february 2019
By Resen Sails
Update 8th of june 2019 We are not behind anymore, and are working hard to ship all orders before the holidays. We can deliver pretty fast at the moment. Spring is on its way We can clearly feel that spring is on its way. We do what we can to help all our customers as soon as possible, but we hope that you will bear with us if you have to wait a little while for answers. A little more res..

Sorry, but we can´t be copied

The 13. february 2016
By Resen Sails
Some people have told us that almost all the texts on Zar Sails' (Danish /Norwegian) website are copied from our website. Therefore there has been a confusion if we're one company or not. We want to make it totally clear that we have nothing to do with Zar Sails and we will not be associated with them and have no experience with Zar Sails. They have simply taken our content. We have asked Zar Sail..

What do customers say about our sails?

The 5. february 2016
By Resen Sails
One of the best things about working hard is when you get complements for your work. We work hard and we fortunately get a lot of good feedback. We do everything we can to deliver the best sails and provide the best service. It succeeds in most cases. If there´s someone who talks a lot together, it's sailors. Therefore, we do a lot to make sure that (the few) unhappy customers will be happy in..

Woman aboard

The 2. february 2016
By Resen Sails
Cut me some slacks "It´s not called a wall, but a bulkhead, and no it´s not called a kitchen, but a galley." "If you call that a string one more time, you´ll be sent off the boat." I have to say, that it´s lovely to be on board a boat, but I didn´t realize that there were so many things I didn´t know anything about when you are a part of the sailing life. I had never sailed before. The fir..

This is how we handle your sail order at Resen Sails

The 31. march 2015
By Resen Sails
Resen Sails main strengths In addition to supplying sails of extremely high quality Resen Sails also has a customer friendly order management system that is well thought through. This ensures that we deliver orders quickly and accurately. It also means that our dialogue about sails, measures and the details are in a single place, where you can view and track your order. Below, we have made an ove..

The difference between crosscut and radial sewn sails

The 27. march 2015
By Resen Sails
A lot of people ask us what the difference is between crosscut and radial sewn (also called triradial) sails and which is the better option among the two. In this article, we review the differences and explain which type is better. First a little about sail cloth When making sail cloth, it is woven just like normal fabric. If you´ve had needlework at school, you´ve probably tried to weave. You..

Wife arguments - how to persuade the Minister of Finance

The 27. march 2015
By Resen Sails
Is there anything better? No, there´s nothing better than new sails. Unfortunately, the female population doesn't seem to such enthusiasm. One of the things we have heard often here at Resen Sails, is: "It sounds like an awesome deal... However, I first have to talk to my wife". We have made it easy for you and made a good list of arguments and methods to use to get your sail grant which as a..

Resen Sails on Facebook

The 7. march 2014
By Resen Sails
Pictures of our sails On our Facebook page we have uploaded some pictures of our sails and lazybags. Take a look on our page here facebook.com/resensails. It is a good idea to ask us questions so other sailors can benefit from it. ..

How to measure your old sail or rig

The 1. august 2013
By Resen Sails
New sails - now you have to measure We have made sails and lazybags to almost every type of boat where is. So it is very likely that we have measures for your boat. These measures will appear on your order page when you have ordered. Then simply control and approve the measures. It is easy to do it yourself Most people choose to measure their own sails which is actually easy to do. When you..

How to sew your sail into a furled sail

The 12. june 2013
By Resen Marine
Curious? One of the things I find really exciting is to see how things work and know how they are made. I often ask sailmakers if I can take a look at their sail loft and have a chat about sails. If you are a little bit nerdy as I am, you can easily spend an hour or two on this. Here is a video showing how a headsail is sewn to fit into a furling. You don´t have to keep showing up at your lo..